Marijuana Wine, A New Breed Of Wine

   Marijuana wine has been around since people decided that they wanted to be tipsy and high at the same time, but it’s lately gotten more official by entering the marketplace. The latest is a product called Canna Vine, a commercial marijuana-laced wine from winemakers in California. So Yes, weed wine is a thing now, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a great way of killing two birds with one ...[Read More]

Creating Your Very Own Weed-Infused Wine

        Creating a weed-infused wine is quite easy process and is actually an ancient craft. Wines from the Biblical period, for example, were always infused or fortified with additional herbs and additives and cannabis was just one of many herbs utilized in that process. This process is also known as “mulling.” In the United States, this is less common, but in Europe, mulled wine is still a commo...[Read More]