The Perfect Rolling Papers For Beginners And Experts

       There’s an abundance of rolling papers on the modern market today – from traditional Zig-Zags to 24 karat gold papers, it can be a daunting task to pick the ‘best’ pack. Ultimately, there is no ‘best’, it all comes down to personal preference. Below, we break down the major types of paper materials to help you identify the paper that meets your joint rolling and smoking preferences. The maj...[Read More]

Would You Rather Have Joints, Blunt Or Spliff?

The advancement of technology, such vaporizing devices are now flooding the Cannabis market nowadays. With their state of the art method of consuming the herb, people are flocking in every vape shop to try this more convenient way of ingesting Cannabis products. However, the more conventional way of devouring Marijuana, by smoking, still remains to be the most popular among global consumers. If yo...[Read More]

Marijuana And Sexier Body

        Oh no, we aren’t joking. Weed may be notorious for fattening munchies, late night trips to the drive-through, and many an hour stuck on the sofa, but researchers are beginning to wonder: why aren’t more cannabis users suffering from obesity? We’re about to give you all you need to know about how weed keeps you skinny: what researchers say about marijuana, weight, and diabetes. Turns ...[Read More]

How To Enjoy Cannabis In Seattle

       Vacation season is upon us and people will be gallivanting all over the country in search of a sunny weather and new experiences. States with recreational marijuana laws will be popular bastions for out-of-staters looking to spark up without feeling like they’re really breaking a major law. If you’re coming to Seattle to enjoy the benefits of I502, here are some basics that will keep you ou...[Read More]

Recipe For The Best Weed Drinks In The Party

        Weed drinks will definitely make you feel relaxed and be more open to your friends, not the fat plate of marijuana cookies. Depending on what flavors you prefer, you can choose cocktail drinks or shots. Have we mentioned that weed drinks do not contain cannabis at all? Well, to be honest, it isn’t even necessary. You might be wondered why weed drinks have such a name if they don’t ev...[Read More]

A New Favorite: Vitamin Water For Weed

       The weed industry is so revolutionary but so far… my favorite is Pearl2O, the vitamin water for weed, will get you high without leaving the taste of cannabis flowers in your mouth. You can use it to create tasty weed-infused recipes. PEARL2O is the vitamin water for weed. Infused beverages are nothing new, but there’s something that sets this one apart. In particular, you can get high...[Read More]

Create Your Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Capsule

                Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to orally dose your cannabinoids in a manner which will be free of unwanted calories and unnecessary ingredients? Well, cannabis capsules may just be your answer. Canna caps, as they are often referred to, have become a staple across the cannabis industry as they offer a safe and effective oral delivery method that can be easily do...[Read More]

Tips In Getting The Best Value Dispensary Weeds

        The ultimate goal of legalization is to place marijuana in the free market. Why? Well, it’s not just to avoid jail. The second biggest reason, besides freedom, is the price. If you didn’t pay attention in Economics 101, don’t worry. Here’s how to maximize the power of your pocket when you’re buying dispensary weed. 1. Know where to go New dispensaries are popping up all the time. Don’t dri...[Read More]