cannabis drinks

Recipe For The Best Weed Drinks In The Party

        Weed drinks will definitely make you feel relaxed and be more open to your friends, not the fat plate of marijuana cookies. Depending on what flavors you prefer, you can choose cocktail drinks or shots. Have we mentioned that weed drinks do not contain cannabis at all? Well, to be honest, it isn’t even necessary. You might be wondered why weed drinks have such a name if they don’t ev...[Read More]

A New Favorite: Vitamin Water For Weed

       The weed industry is so revolutionary but so far… my favorite is Pearl2O, the vitamin water for weed, will get you high without leaving the taste of cannabis flowers in your mouth. You can use it to create tasty weed-infused recipes. PEARL2O is the vitamin water for weed. Infused beverages are nothing new, but there’s something that sets this one apart. In particular, you can get high...[Read More]